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APPON Nepal | List of Nepalese Pharmaceutical Industries
25  th Anniversary

List of Nepalese Pharmaceutical Industries

Alive Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd 1st Floor,
Mangla Devi Bishal Bazar, Hanumandas Road, Biratnagar,
Phone: 021-534044/5368232,
Fax: 021-527735
E-mail: alivebrt@hotmail.com


Alliance Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Marketing Office: Samakhushi,Kathmandu

Phone No.4384833,Fax-4384833



Amie Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Murichowk, Janakpur

Ph: 041-520130/520198 


Amtech Med Pvt. Ltd
Rangeli Road, Hospital Chowk, Biratnagar 12
Phone: 021-5221;53/530121
Fax: 021-530121


Apex Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

13/45 Adarsh Nagar,Birganj-13, Nepal

Ph: +977 51 534173/529355 

Fax: +977 51 529377

Email: vkabra@cyberspace.com.np/ apexnep@cyberspace.com.np


Asian Pharmaceuticals P.Ltd.

Marketing Office:Kamalpokhari,P.O.B.4444

Tel: 4423711,4421650


Email: asianph@wlink.com.np/asianph@mos.com.np


Arya Pharma Lab. Pvt. Ltd.
Adarshanagar-19, Birgunj
Phone: 051-532178 Fax:051-522456
Email: arya_pharmalab@yahoo.co.in


Chemidrug Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Anil Bhawan, 400/33, Kamaladi

Tel:-4221841, 4221851




CTL Pharmaceuticals Pvt. L.

Sundhara, Churchil Complex,

3rd Floor, P.O.B.3168

Tel: 4228495,4229941Fax: 4266849



Curex Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

8/492,Wotubahal, Indrachowk, Kathmandu

Ph: 4247469,4232614,4229256

Fax: 4222577

Email: curex.sushil@gmail.com


Denium Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Pipara, Birgunj

Tel: - 051- 521386, Fax:-  051- 523756

Email: mukeshdenium@yahoo.com


Deurali Janta Pharma P. Ltd.

Hattisar, Kathmandu,

G.P.O.Box 4239;

Tel: 4435167,4435168/69

Fax: 4435166, 4412292

Email: djpl@wlink.com.np


Everest Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Minbhawan, P.O.B.3695

Tel: 4464459, 4115059Fax: 4115083

Email: eplnrs@gmail.com


Florid Laboratories Pvt.Ltd

Corporate Off : 1 st floor, Om Sai Sadan, Ktm

Tel: 01-4422151,4422152F:4422151


G.D.Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Adarshanagar, Birgunj, Parsa, P.O.B.42, Narayani Zone

Tel: 051- 522374/520010/524891

Fax: 051-521374,

Email: gdgroup@atcnet.com.np,/gdgroup@mos.com.np


Genetica Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

Adarshanagar, Birgunj

Tel: No. 051-527359,Fax:051-529684

Email : geneticamktg@gmail.com/gntclab@gmail.com


Hukam Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Sales Office/Corporate Office: Thimi, Bhaktapur

Tel:, 6630102 Fax: 6630776

Email : hppl@mail.com.np


Livecare Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd

Bharatpur-4, Belchowk
Chitwan, Nepal

Ph: 00977-56-572295




Lomus Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

PO.B.4506 ,Kailash Chowk,Gairidhara

Tel: 4436396,4436394Fax: 4436395

Email : lomus@ntc.net.np/info@lomus.com.np


Magnus Pharma Pvt. Ltd

House No. 18, Bhanu Marg, Birgunj - 10
District -Parsa, Zone- Narayani Nepal
Phone:- 977-51-531886 
Email:- info@magnuspharma.com.np/prem.jatiya@magnuspharma.com.np


Manoj Pharmaceutical Works


Ph: 025-530121/524146




 Mark Formulations Pvt. Ltd

 Pipalbot Marg-1, House no.217

Baneshwor Height, Ward no.10

Tel no: 01-4491387, 01-4473296

Fax no: 4492291

Email: mark@mail.com.np


Maruti Pharma Pvt. Ltd

Opposite Adarshnagar Swimming pool, Adarshnagar,Burgunj

Ph: 00977-51514733,524398

Pan No: 303459970

Email- p_roongta@hotmail.com/<pharmamaruti@gmail.com


Medivet Pharmaceuticals lab.Pvt. Ltd

Shanti Nagar, Kathmandu

Ph: 4107734/4107735, Fax: 4267736

Email: dahaldp@medivetah.com/daaldp@gmail.com


National Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Marketing Office: Kathmandu Plaza, Y-Block, 3rd Floor, Kamaladi, Ktm.

Tel: 4168563/64,Fax: 4168562



Nepal Pharmaceutical Laboratory P. Ltd

Marketing Office:Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Tel: 5529059,5555639,5553472 Fax: 5529434 

Email: npl@atcnet.com.np/nplmkt@wlink.com.np


Nepal Aushadhi Limited

Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal


Fax: 4226116


Nova Genetica Pharmaceuticals P. Ltd

Chabahil, Kathmandu

Email: novagenetica2008@gmail.com,novagenetica@gmail.com


Ohm Pharmaceuticals Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.

Radhe Radhe Building

House No. 340,Kathmandu, Nepal

Ph: No: 977-01-4004516  / 4004607

E-mail : info@opl.com.np,md@opl.com.np,operation@opl.com.np


Omnica Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
4th Floor, Situ Plaza,
271 Narayanchaur Marga, Naxal
Phone: 2092142,4440676, 4436683
Email: omnica@htp.com.np


Pharmaco Industries Pvt.Ltd.


Tel: 4252965/4251816, Fax: 4269650

Email: pharmaco42@gmail.com


Panas Pharmaceuticals P. Ltd



Email: madhav2015@gmail.com/naresh1180@hotmail.com


Qmed Formulation Pvt. Ltd


Ph 4110869 Fax 4110870



Quest Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. 

Marketing Office-Daan Sadan bhotebahal, Kathmandu.

Ph: 4240304/ 4239293  Fax: 4231028  



Serene Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. (Vet)

PO Box 96, Kathmandu

Ph: 5530996

E-mail: jeevanlalamatya@hotmail.com

Rhododendron Biotech Pvt. Ltd

City Office

Chhetrapati,Dhalku, Kathmandu


Fax : 977-1-4260268

Email :rbplarun@gmail.com,rbplnp@gmail.com

Shiva Pharnaceutical Lab Pvt.Ltd.

Dillibazar, Kathmandu

Tel: 4426521; Fax: 4421092

Email : shiv@mos.com.np,narayan16apr@gmail.com


Simca Laboratories. Pvt.Ltd.

Ganabahal, Kathmandu


Tel: 4227868 Fax: 4251232

Email: simca@wlink.com.np


Siddhartha Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Narayan Path,    

Tel:071-520533/ 523964

Fax: 071-521524

Email: sppl_pharma@yahoo.com


SR Drugs Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.

Saket Complex, Tripureshwor, P.O.B.6946

Tel: 4258181/ 4221464,4223764

Fax: 4222506                         

Email: sanjay@srdrug.net,srdurgs@mail.com.np



Taurus Pharma Pvt. Ltd

Corporate office: Tripureshwor

Ph: 4223764,

Fax: 4222506

Email: amit@srdrug.net


Time Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd

Corporate Office: Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal

Phone No: 56-572295,525639

Fax No.056-530244



Unique Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Reshamkothi, Birgunj

Tel: 051- 524882,528482

Fax: 051-524882        

Email: upharma@ntc.net.np

Universal Formulations Pvt. Ltd.




Vijayadeep Laboratories Ltd
Office :  Kupondole, Lalitpur-10

GPO Box: 2305, Kathmandu.
Phone : 5525515, 5539816, Fax: 5539817
Email : vlab@vijayadeep.com.np,

Website: www.vijayadeep.com.np


Vijayadeep Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd
Office :  Kupondole, Lalitpur-10

GPO Box: 2305, Kathmandu.
Phone : 5525515, 5539816, Fax: 5539817
Email : saline@vijayadeep.com.np