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As an international cooperation APPON has been receiving JICA Volunteers from the year 2005, and since then three volunteers of JICA have been associated with APPON with their respective duties as requested by APPON and DDA for the enhancement of prevailing Nepali Pharmaceutical Scenario. Likewise, APPON has also been working together with international organizations like FICCI, Pharmexcil, AOTS, JICA.These organizations have been involving the APPON members, its technical and non-technical personnels in their information sharing programs, trainings, conferences, seminars etc. APPON is also participating in international exhibitions like CPhI, ICSE, P-MEC and Inno Pack organized in countries like India, China, Germany, Japan, Singapore.

  • Developing document for GMP implementation.
  • Planning and implementation of training program on GMP/TQM
  • Supporting DDA and APPON in GMP related activities and
  • Developing and implementing drug information system and networking.

With his action plan he visited 30 companies and through his studies and experience he compiled a guidelines named APPON General Guides (APPON GSs) which can be used by the companies for they enhancement and also can be used as a text for training programs. After the return of the first senior volunteer on October 2007, JICA sent another senior volunteer Mr. Kuniharu Nakai on March 2010. He was requested to provide consultation to the Nepali companies so as to enhance their GMP compliance. He was an expert in QC and his help and consultation worked as a boon to the companies who wanted to actually improve the quality in their product. .During his stay he visited different companies in Nepal and conducted audit and follow up visits. Through his assistance and the trainings, the technical personnel could highly upgrade their knowledge and utilize it for the production of Quality product. In March 2010, Mr.Toshiaki Nishidha arrived as a JICA volunteer in APPON as a successor of Mr.KuniharuNakai. He is basically here at APPON on the special request of executive committee for the enhancement of GMP compliance in Pharmaceutical companies. He will work here from March 25 2011 to March 23,2011. The volunteer is extending his assistance in the field of Validation and QA. He has business experience of 45 years and has worked for companies like Johnson and Johnson and Baxter Healthcare.